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Fifty buildings you should know for your bucket list

The 50 buildings presented here in chronological order represent the most compelling, intriguing, and awe-inspiring structures from all over the world.

Readers learn about masterpieces such as the Hagia Sophia in Turkey, Cambodia’s Temple Complex at Angkor Wat, the Potala Palace in Lhasa, and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Each entry features full-colour photographs of the structure along with informative text presented in a dynamic format.

There is also some basic information about each building’s artistic relevance, style, and contextual history as well as additional notes about architectural periods and techniques. A handy timeline also puts all the buildings in context.

From ancient Jordan and Guatemala to modern-day Manhattan and Munich, this world tour of great buildings offers both a mini-course in architecture as well as a fantastic, alternative travel guide.

50 Buildings: You Should Know

Isabel Kuhl

Published by: Prestel Published: November 2019 Price: £14.99


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