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Autumn 2016

Travel to Turkey, Jordan, Peru, Portugal, 

USA, Croatia, Italy and Poland

In this Issue...

Captivating Cappadocia
Matilda Hickson visits this wonderful area of Turkey full of fairy chimneys and rock cut churches

The Nazca Lines: A life's work
Dr Maria Reiche spent over 50 years protecting and conserving the Nazca Lines in Peru. Read her story

Traveller's Tales
Hilary Bradt takes part in the ancient Nemea games in Greece

The Grand Canyon - just amazing!
Admired for its geological rock formations, but did you know it is important artistically too?

Interview with...Francesca Leoni
Curator of the Power & Protection exhibition coming to the Ashmolean Museum in October

Krakow - Renaissance City
Few know of the splendid Renaissance art treasures in Medieval Krakow. Dr Jeannie Labno gives a tour

Intrepid Traveller
British Museum Curator, Dr James Fraser tells the unfortunate story of spy, Professor E.H. Palmer

A weekend in…Zagreb

Often overlooked for its beautiful coastline, this charming city is well worth a visit

Museum Magic
Two of Florence's oldest museums have re-opened, capturing the best of the city's art heritage

PLUS ... Joshua J. Mark looks at the recent history of Jordan which celebrates 70 years of Independence in 2016, the latest book reviews, musuem focus (the Han Yangling museum in Xian, China), art exhibitions and archaeological news, and exhibition focus on Power & Protection: Islamic art and the Supernatural, coming to the Ashmolean museum in October. So much to read in another packed issue!
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