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Summer 2015

Travel to Ethiopia, Turkey, Ireland, India,

England, Romania and Italy

In this Issue...

The rock cut churches of Lalibela

Northern Ethiopia is home to a series of amazing rock cut churches: Philip Briggs takes us there.

A weekend in....Istanbul

A city filled to bursting with history, beauty and modern vitality. Find out what to see in a short time!

Ireland: A portal to the past

Joshua Mark visits the Neolithic site of Poulnabrone in Ireland to discover it is more than just a large stone in a field.

The stunning site of Nemrut Dagi 

Mount Nemrut in Turkey is home to the stunning, colossal statues of Antiochus I. Christine Winzor visited when they were covered in snow.

Interview with...Simon Calder
Known as the authority in a travel crisis, he is also an author, mountaineer and cyclist

Portraits from the Varsari corridor in Florence

Jane Fortune selects her favourite portraits from this secret passage between royal palaces

Intrepid Traveller: Alexander Burnes

Sent to India at 16 to make his fortune, this extraordinary man became a super spy and part of the 'Great Game': the fight for central Asia against Russia.

Exploring Bran, Brasov and Bucharest

Garry Shaw goes in search of Count Dracula and finds Vlad the Impaler and beautiful Romania instead.

The art of Deccan India

A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York explores the art of the Deccan India. With curator Navina Haidar.

Plus... It is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the document that became a symbol of social justice and freedom in the world. Salisbury Cathedral puts on a special exhibition with one of the original documents.  There are the latest book reviews, art and archaeological news and exhibitions, Dig Diary and Museum Focus (in Sanliurfa, Turkey).  So much to read and enjoy! 
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