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Summer 2016

Travel to Cambodia, France, England, The Netherlands, Dubai, Egypt, Italy and Singapore

In this Issue...

Angkor Wat: Temple or Tomb?
Joshua Marks explores the meaning of this amazing site in Cambodia

Chester: A Time Travelling City
Rachael Lindsay explores her home town filled with archaeological gems

Intrepid Traveller
Sarah Campbell follows Dervla Murphy, a more modern Intrepid Traveller

Interview with...Franck Goddio
The underwater archaeologist responsible for the current Sunken Cities exhibition at the British Museum

Avignon: The Other Rome
Explore beautiful Avignon, often known as the alternative Rome because of its history with the Popes

Traveller's Tales
Yves-Marie Stranger on the difference Portuguese musketeers made to Ethiopia

Dubai: Where Oil and Paint Mix
Dubai is home to a bourgeoning art community with a new generation of artists

A weekend in…Singapore

Art, culture, cuisine - Singapore has
it all!

Following Piero della Francesca
A new art initiative follows the Renaissance painter across Italy

Plus...Celebrating two Florentine artists, the latest book reviews, art and archaeological news and exhibitions, museum focus (Het Prinsenhof in Delft, The Netherlands), and exhibition focus (Sunken Cities: The Lost Worlds at the British Museum). Another packed issue to enjoy!
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