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Winter 2017

Travel to Pakistan, Austria, North Korea, Ireland,
Abu Dhabi, Italy, Belgium and Russia

In this Issue...

Lahore: Akbar's great city
Isambard Wilkinson gives his top five attractions in this buzzing city

Ancient monastery re-opens
The 12th century Park Abbey monastery in Leuven comes back to life

Traveller's Tales
Carol Faenzi walks in the footsteps of her Tuscan ancestors

A weekend in Doolin, Ireland

Joshua J. Mark visits history, craic and stunning scenery in County Clare

Art treasures in North Korea
Hilary Bradt discovers a different side to North Korea

The Sage Princess
Discover more history and secret gems in Florence with Jane Fortune

Intrepid Traveller
Duncan J. D. Smith brings us Rosita Forbes, a largely forgotten traveller

From Passau to Vienna

Matilda Hickson discovers art and history along the Danube

Scythians: ancient warriors
Jeannie Labno reviews the latest exhibition at the British Museum

PLUS ...   WIN a fabulous art history course (on line) with The Art Institute, worth £699.  We also have a new feature in this issue on travel inventions, and this time we we look at the astrolabe, one of the most important aids to the early explorers. Our museum focus is the fabulous Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg and there is all the latest art news and exhibitions, and latest archaeological news.  Finally 'TT Loves' this issue the Advancing Women Artists Foundation and don't miss some fabulous books that will be available in the winter.  So much to read and enjoy as always!
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