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Autumn 2018

Travel to South Africa, Germany, Italy,

Japan, the Netherlands, England & China

In this Issue...

Saving past traditions
Michael Edwards visits the Northern Cape in South Africa and discovers the plight of the Khomani San tribe

Postcard from...
Paul Beston writes from Hadrian's Wall encouraging a visit

Walk ancient Ming streets
Matilda Hickson visits Pingyao in China and discovers an ancient city that is very much alive today

Intrepid Traveller

Theresa Thompson tells the story of Maria Sibylla Merian, a 17th century artist, scientist and adventurer

Connecting with Escher

Isa Hemphrey connects Leeuwarden, joint current European capital of culture with MC Escher

Combining art and fashion
Jane Fortune discovers art and fashion at the latest exhibition at the Pitti Palace in Florence

Discovering London

Matilda Hickson spends a day discovering London via its backstreets

Japan's temples and shrines
Chrissie Walker highlights her favourite temples and shrines in Japan

Exploring Roman history
Stuart Forster follows the ancient romans on the Limes route in Germany

PLUS ...   the latest art and archaeological news and exhibitions, including a review of Sappho to Sufferage at the Bodleian Library, Oxford and a focus on the Baroque Book Exhibition at the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. Barnaby Rogerson visits the 10,000-year-old temple site of Gobekli-Tepe in Turkey to see the latest developments there, eight new books to love and TT Loves Gil Aromi di Russian in Sicily.  So much to read and enjoy as always!
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