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Winter 2018

Travel to Easter Island, the Netherlands, Iran, 
Ecuador, Spain and Sicily

In this Issue...

Easter Island Dreaming
Catriona Bonfiglioli visits fulfils a dream to visit this tiny Chilean island to discover its secrets

Curious Cities...
A new regular feature where we give a snap shot of a featured city, written by the Only In Guides. This issue it is Hamburg. 

Uncovering Haarlem's History
Polly Allen finds the quiet counterpart to Amsterdam full of culture, period architecture and world-class museums and galleries

Reliving the Spanish Civil War

Adrian Pole takes part in a re-enactment of the Battle of Ebro and discovers Spain's past is very much still present today

A tribute to Jane Fortune

Author, philanthropist, editor and honorary Florentine, Linda Falcone tells of a life well lived

A weekend in...
Neil Hennessy-Vass visits the city of Quito, Ecuador, which sits on the Equator and is surrounded by volcanos

Marvellous Maps

Another new regular feature in partnership with the British Library. This issue, West Indies, 1542

Iranian fire temple
Archaeologist John Tidmarsh visits Takht-i Suleiman, a mysterious fire temple in the Zagros mountains

Arab legacy of Norman Palermo
Andrew and Suzanne Edwards explore the Arab-Norman legacy of Palermo, Sicily

PLUS ...   the latest art and archaeological news and exhibitions, including a review of Mantegna and Bellini at the National Gallery and the Christina Rossetti exhibition, Vision & Verse, at the Watts Gallery - Artists' Village. Plus eight new books to love and TT Loves the graffiti found in central Portugal.  So much to read and enjoy as always!
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