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Summer 2014

Travel to Mexico, Croatia, Morroco, Florence, Jordan, Syria, Italy, England, Uzbekistan and Myanmar

In this Issue...

Magic Myanmar (Burma)

Writer and broadcaster Caroline Courtauld describes the beauty and magic of Bagan, Myanmar

Hidden secrets of the Silk Road

Lying on the ancient Silk Road, there is much to see in Uzbeckistan, home to some of the greatest empires and civilisations in the ancient world

Interview with...William Dalrymple

Award winning writer, traveller, historian and self acclaimed Mehrauli goatherd chats about his books, his travels and the next adventure

Intrepid traveller...Gertrude Bell

Adventurer, spy, archaeologist and diplomat, Gertrude Bell was a woman ahead of her time. Read her extraordinary story

The Mysteries of Maya Architecture

Jim O'Kon encounters a range of exotic animals in deepest rainforest while exploring the style of Ruta Rio Bec

Art, intrigue and Artemisia

Jane Fortune, author of Invisible Women, Forgotten Artists of Florence, tells the story of a remarkable artist, Artemisia Genileschi

Syria: Heritage, history and horror

Dr Emma Cunliffe reports on the destruction of Syria's archaeological sites

The wonders of Petra

Archaeologist Ben Churcher explores the highlights of this 'rose red city half as old as time'

A weekend in...Marrakech

Some suggested hidden gems to visit when spending a long weekend in this marvellous ancient city

Plus...Chedworth Roman Villa celebrates two annivesaries, how the city of Split influenced renowned architect Robert Adams, the top crusader castles in the Middle East, and celebrating art in a Wiltshire garden. There are also art and archaeological news and exhibitions and a Dig Diary.  A truly packed first edition with 132 pages to enjoy! 
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