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Winter 2014

Travel to Peru, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy,

China, Mexico, Spain and Turkey

In this Issue...

Lost City in the Clouds

Choquequirao is the sister site of Machu Picchu, and is rarely visited. Gary Zielger takes us on a visit.

In the Footsteps of Xerxes

Ben Churcher visits what remains of the mighty battlegrounds of the Greeks and Persians in today's Greece.

Exploring the Dakhla Oasis

Garry Shaw travels in the footsteps of Archibald Edmonstone when visiting the spectacular western desert in Egypt.

Red and White againt the Green

Maree Browne explores the Mughal legacy of Shah Jahan through a garden perspective.

Interview with...the Earl of Carnarvon

How does the legacy of Tutankhamun sit with the latest Earl of Carnarvon?

The Monks' Paintbox

Jo James visits Tibetian monks to see the art of thangka painting.

Florence's Flood: When the world answered

Many art works were destroyed in a devastating flood in Florence in 1966. Read how the art world responded.

Unexpected treasures of  Eastern Turkey

Ani, in Eastern Turkey is rarely visited site with an abundance of churches.  Christine Winzor explores.

Caravaggio: The life behind the painter

Caravaggio is one of the most famous Barque painters, but did his criminal activities prematurely end his career?

Plus...More on the mystery and enigma of Maya architecture by Jim O'Kon, a weekend visit to Madrid and the latest art and archaeological news and exhibitions. So much to read and enjoy! 
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