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Putting your travel photos to good use: why not enter the World’s largest photo competition

There are just days left to enter a photo competition which connects photographers from across the world as entries close on Sunday 31st May.

The CEWE Photo Award, the world’s largest photo competition, is asking amateur and professional photographers from across the globe to submit photos which celebrate the competition’s ‘Our world is beautiful’ theme.

Entrants will be able to enter their photos into 10 different categories: aerial photos, cooking & food, nature, animals, landscapes, sport, people, travel & culture, hobby & leisure and architecture & technology.

Now in its fourth edition, the CEWE Photo Award will be judged by a panel of international experts who will award prizes worth a total of more than £250,000 to 1,000 winners. They will also select 10 category winners and an overall winner of the competition.

Entrants will have one year to submit their photos and, in this current climate, CEWE is encouraging budding photographers to find the beauty in the small things, as well as finding fresh perspectives in ordinary life in a time when many of us can’t stray too far from home. However, the competition is also open to images taken at any time, meaning you can submit photos that you have taken in the past.

Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE UK, said: “Now more than ever before, photos are connecting people from around the globe, so it’s a great time to be launching the fourth edition of the CEWE Photo Award. With 448,152 photos submitted last year, the CEWE Photo Award is now the world’s largest photo competition and we are looking forward to sharing lots more beautiful images from photography enthusiasts from across the world this year.”

The images included here are some of the best images from last year’s competition.

And don't forget, entries close on Sunday 31st May. Good luck!


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