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Van Gogh: life through the lens of the places where he lived and worked

Vincent van Gogh was a restless soul. He spent his twenties searching for a vocation and once he had determined to become an artist, he remained a traveller, always seeking fresh places for the inspiration and opportunities he needed to create his work.

Living with Vincent van Gogh. The homes & landscapes that shaped the artist, tells the story of the great artist’s life through the lens of the places where he lived and worked, including Amsterdam, London, Paris and Provence, and examines the impact of these cityscapes and landscapes on his creative output.

Featuring artworks, unpublished archival documents and contemporary landscape photography, this book provides a unique insight into one of the most important artists in history.

Martin Bailey is a specialist on Van Gogh, and this book will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand his life and work. Highly recommended.

Living with Vincent van Gogh

by Martin Bailey

Published by: White Lion Published: April 2019 Price: £25.00


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